MTD International Emerging Artists


Ayub Abraham

"Surprising every time I play!"
photo by @Iponk _qb
Ayub Abraham
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z5

Ayub Abraham has been a profesional session bass player in indonesia for the last 7 years and is also a part off the band called (aLL in) for the recording industry . Ayub started his musical life playing drums until he saw Victor Wooten's videos playing "Amazing Grace". That definitive moment inspired him to play bass. He has also been influenced by Abraham Laboriel, Jaco Pastorius, ND Marcus Miller.



Aloysius Chow

"My MTD Kingston Z5
cut-thru the mix in every
stage situation. This
workhorse is so reliable
and I can count on it for
every show, every note,
new audiences and more
jobs! Truly #MTD4LYFE!!"
Aloysius Chow
MTD Instrument: Kingston Z5

Aloysius has been playing professionally in the Singapore club scene for about 4 years now. Together with his current band, “Vice Band”, they cover a wide genre of music in many languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai.

"Church was where I picked up music through acoustic guitar, which lead to servicing God in church playing the acoustic guitar for caregroups to finally serving God on bass at Saturday youth services and Sunday main church services in both Chinese and English department." Feeling the need to grow musically, he took his first music class with his first pay check where things started to accelerated. Once he finally acquired the skill of sightreading he began to get calls for many relief jobs initially till he left my engineering job and pursued a music career fulltime. "This was the steepest learning curve in my life. I kept learning and pushing on with so much to learn. Now I'm a fulltime club musician, also a bass teacher, and still there's so much more to learn."


David Cloughley

"My MTD has been with me since the start of my gigging career and I still haven't played in a setting where it hasn’t sounded amazing."
Photo by Emily Browning
David Cloughley
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5

David Cloughley is a 21-year-old bass player from Christchurch, New Zealand known for his infectious groove and melodic playing style. While locking in effortlessly in any band setting, David brings a unique feel that is soulful and memorable without compromising leading instruments. As a soloist, his intuitive performances are engaging while being backed by years of theory and training. He is currently in his final year of study towards a Bachelor of Music at Ara institute of Canterbury. Throughout his years at Ara, David has earned his wage as a full-time performing musician in his home city and throughout the rest of New Zealand. He began playing the bass in church and has been self-taught 7 of his 10 years in music. David’s bass heroes have heavily influenced his passion for the bass, with players such as Robert “Bubby” Lewis, Michael League and Hadrien Feraud being the most significant.

Over a short few months, David has built a social media following of over 1,300 viewers who regularly engage with his daily content. Looking forward, David is excited to complete his studies at the end of 2016 and will continue to expand his online following while growing his business as a performing artist.





Kieran Hogarty

"I chose MTD Kingston for the 35" and zero fret to accommodate the lower
tunings I required, as I result the sound and tone is
massively enhanced
compared to previously
owned basses. I was amazed by the solid and comfortable feel for such a low price, and the incredible aesthetics. A no brainer really."
Kieran Hogarty
MTD Instruments: Kingston Artist 5

Kieran only started playing bass just under two years ago but 
has taken to it like a duck to water. Initially learning guitar in his early teens reaching a reasonable level he switched to drums, where he played for nearly 5 years playing to a highly skilled level and learning strong rhythm and groove. He filled in
an opening for a friends band on bass and with the background in drum groove and guitar basics excelled very quickly to gain a full time position.

Kieran is part of two bands, Embodiment and Valis Ablaze. Embodiment is a technical death metal band with a large neo-classical influence and Valis Ablaze is a progressive metal 
band which he has just recently joined. These contrasting bands have helped open up and improve different aspects of Kieran's bass playing abilities, with the high intensity and
technical bass lines of Embodiment to the more expressive and rhythmic Valis Ablaze bass parts. Both bands have new material lined up for release soon, with numerous festivals, gigs and tours planned in the future. He is also planning to set up his own YouTube account soon for playthroughs, practice and shenanigans. Check out the links for further updates.



Felix Jackson

"As a recording artist and session bass player and
having to work with a wide variety of artists and music producers, the need to have a bass that fits any given situation became mandatory.
And MTD does just that for me!!!"
Felix Jackson
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 6-string

Felix Jackson is a Nigerian Bassist, Drummer, Composer, Producer and Arranger. He has been playing professionally for the past 16 years and is known for his soul, originality and musicianship, which has earned him a place as an A-list bassist in the Nigerian music scenery. He has shared the stage with local and international artiste, at live concerts and studio recordings respectively. He is best known for his work with Nathaniel Bassey and lovesong (NG), serving as a bassist and with Cwasi Oteng (GH). Felix has played on numerous tracks and albums as a session player and as a sideman for artistes such as Enitan Adaba, Ronke Adesokan (USA), Ps Helen Yawson (GH), Trem choir lagos, Kaydee, Wole Oni, NNB, Preye, Ps Toni ZIno, just to name a few.

Felix is currently the bass player for the Gospel smooth jazz band, called NaBa-trio. And they have an album to their credit which was released about a year ago.  Felix is also a bass clinician and pioneer of sound of worship clinic Lagos. Also, he was a Guest artiste at the bass clinic Ghana in 2014 and 2011.





Edo Jacob

"MTD Kingston Z5 is an instrument with the good playability, tone & aesthetics that make it an easy decision when you find it."


photo by Erick Donald Jacob
Edo Jacob
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5

Edo started playing bass when he was 15. Being an HR professional is his day job and playing bass is his passion.  "I am currently the bass player for Bethany Church in Balikpapan – Indonesia and bassist of gospel band called “Transformers”."  Abraham Laboriel and Nathan East are his inspiration to play bass.



Jean Paul Jimenez Jean Paul Jimenez
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z6

Jean Jimenez is a Colombian bassist and music editor. He currently works with La Bogotá DC Funk, Full Knife Injection, his solo Project and does session work. Between his bands commitments, Jean is active in many genres of music and in a variety of surroundings. He has recorded and/or performed live in festivals such as Car Audio, Tatto International Convention in Corferias, he has also toured in USA, Ecuador and Mexico.

His playing style is mainly towards Funk/Frenchouse and is also heavily influenced by Extreme Metal and Progressive Music. His style suits his position in his bands, giving him a sharp, clean sound that works well for a disco bass feel, or a bright heavy punch for metal.

He has also performed live on some music programmes including Much Music, and he has also published for Shock Magazine and Bass Mussician magazine. His inspiration comes maily from players such as Louis Johnson, Jaco, Bobby Valentin, Juan Alderete,  among others. His fascination with the bass guitar revolved around it, being a somewhat "underappreciated" instrument at the time.



Elon “Tone” John

"My MTD Kingston Super 5 brings out the creative side of me and gives me the motivation needed to take my musical journey to a whole new level. Having full control over the neck, it’s lightweight comfortable body and mean pickups, it allows versatility and much more confidence in my playing and I can comfortably say it has proven to be the brand I can definitely stand behind!!!"
Elon “Tone” John
MTD Instruments: Kingston Super 5

Elon ‘Tone’ John hails from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is best known for his melodious style of playing which is strongly influenced by his Gospel background. Capturing the eyes and ears of several influential musicians throughout the Caribbean as well as local and international artistes, he enrolled as a music performance major in the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago where he specialized on the piano. Theoretical studies as well as the Jazz Ensemble molded him into the bass player he is today. Nominated for the National Youth Award in Music due to his musical influence in communities nationwide, he went on to join the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service Music Band where he plays bass and marching drums for government functions and public events. Being a member of the A Team band, he has been playing bass for several major annual events including the International Soca Monarch and has also been on numerous tours with the band spreading their artform and culture around the globe. Being the founder and producer at BlueLine Records, his abilities have been so outstanding that they sometimes overshadow his character, leading an exemplary lifestyle of prodigious commitment and moral excellence.



Megan MacGowan

“I was looking for an instrument with playability, tone & aesthetics, I think I’ve found it !”
photo by Igor Omodei
post production by Regan MacGowan
Regan MacGowan
MTD Instruments: Kingston Heir 5

Born and raised in France, Regan started playing bass just to have fun with some friends. This hobby quickly became a passion, therefore Regan has always been actively involved in the Parisian metal scene. With influences coming from bands like Periphery, Underoath or even Muse, Regan is able to bring a powerful groove and technical skills into his current band Beyond The Dust.



Joe Macpherson

"My Kingston’s zero fret and 35 inch scale means at the low tunings my band use the bass still sounds tight and punchy! Cutting through the mix live and in the studio with ease. Its combination of woods is a natural scoop, giving me just the right balance of low and top end I was looking for. The best looking and sounding Bass I have ever played.Being a lefty it can be quite hard find a bass that ticks all the boxes but my MTD Kingston ticks them all."
photo by Alison Payne
Joe Macpherson
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z 5-string

Joe started playing bass in his late teens after getting into bands like Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath, etc. "I played my local area with several bands before deciding to make music my career and studied a foundation course in music at the London college of music. I then went straight on to a degree course at the same college where I was lucky enough to have teachers that had vast experience within the music industry; this is where I met the other members of my Band, which became Derange. In my 3rd year I specialized in teaching (pedagogy) and since leaving university teach several students every week."

Joe has many things lined up this year including starting his own YouTube channel as well as touring the U.K and playing festivals with Derange.



Emilio Rivas

"I really like the tone and
the clear sound that
Saratoga 5 gives me. I
love this bass."
photo by Franco Gonzalez Sir
Emilio Rivas
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5

Emilio Rivas is an Argentinian bass player.  He started playing drums at the age of 15 and then bass. He went on to obtain a degree in Contemporary music composition at the University of Bellas Artes, La Plata. He had recorded 3 albums with his own music playing bass and singing. He now works as a professional bass player in cruise ships – most recently with the Holland America Line.  He also teaches private classes in La Plata.  He has been fortunate enough to take private lessons with many professional bass players on an ongoing basis.


Geovanny “Lefty” Bladimir Acosta Salgado

"Lightweight, versatile and great sounding."
photo by Julio Cesar Acosta Salgado
Geovanny “Lefty” Bladimir Acosta Salgado
MTD Instruments: Kingston KZ 5

Born and raised in Riobamba, Ecuador, “Lefty” started with music when he was 15.  He went on Study at St. Thomas the Apostle Collar and the Conservatory of Music Vicente Anda Aguirre where he qualified as a music instructor.  He is a professor of music in various schools in the city.

In the early 90's he toured with Amarun in Europe for an extended period of time.  After his return to Ecuador, he has continued to perform fulltime with such renowned artists like Aldo Monje, Storm of Argentina, Manolo Galvan of Spain, Rudy La Scala, Miguel Moly of Venezuela and others.  “Lefty” has also been performing with several other groups and orchestra of his city and country.  He is the musical director of the concert  “The Bass is the Big Boss.”  He continues to serve as bassist for the Corporation Show Band Orchestra.




A.J. Smith

"From the first time I held an MTD Kingston in my hands, I felt as if it were made just for me...I'll never seriously play or purchase anything else!"
A.J. Smith (aka RevGroove)
MTD Instruments: Kingston Z5, Kingston AG5, Kingston ZX Ltd. #26
A.J. Smith (aka revgroove) has been playing bass since his early teens. Now over 20 years later, he’s still holding it down with no plans to stop! Whether it’s at church, weekly local jam nights, or with rising or established artists and acts; A.J. and his MTD Kingston Basses are willing and able to answer the call and hold down that bottom end!

Nigel Whyte

"Amazing tone. So comfortable to play. The Saratoga has to be the lightest bass I have played."
Nigel Whyte
MTD Instruments: Kingston Saratoga 5

Nigel Whyte was born and raised in South Africa and he started playing guitar at an early age. He became a guitarist in church worship groups.

After finishing school, Nigel decided to play bass in a friend's band. Almost immediately he felt at home on the instrument and developed a real love for it. His influences are James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, and Nathan East. He also played bass in the orchestra in a number of theatre productions including Razzmatazz, Wizard of Oz and others. While studying recording engineering, Nigel supported some of the top South African bands in bars and pubs around the city as bassist for rock band, Hawker Sidley.

Having moved to Auckland New Zealand, he enrolled in a Contemporary Music Performance course in 2012.
It was around this time he met Robert Bubby Lewis and was introduced to MTD basses. 3 years later he purchased his first MTD bass.

Currently Nigel is working on a couple of project bands in the jazz and blues genres.